Ready mixed concrete (RMC) is basically a tailored concrete which is produced within a batching plant or in a factory based on the necessary standard specifications. Then, the ready concrete mix is taken to the work area within transit mixers backed over a truck. As a matter of fact, this kind of concrete guarantee much higher sustainability and durability. As the job is done by a professional and experienced you won’t have to worry for any project that you have. You can have a mixed concrete service provider that uses floor screed and other professional devices, the mixture made is of higher quality and also, precise. Special concrete mixtures can be made effectively by the concrete manufacturing method as well. 

Kinds of Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) 

There are 3 kinds of RMC basing upon the process of mixing of the different central mixed concrete, the shrink mixed concrete and the transit mixed concrete. 

1. The Transit Mixed Concrete 

It’s commonly known as the dry batched concrete since all the standard ingredients which include water are directly charged into the mixer truck. In addition to that, the mixer drum is constantly revolved quickly at a faster speed after the loading of the ingredients and then, it rotates at its normal speed and manner. In this kind of RMC, also 3 kinds of variations are: 

Concrete Mixed in Transit 

Actually, the drum speed is held medium during the whole transit time. For instance, 8 rpm for seventy revolutions. After seventy revolutions, it’s slowed down to an agitating, normal speed of 2 rpm until the unloading of the concrete material. 

Concrete Mixed in Your yard 

The mixer drum is turned at great speed of 12-15 rpm for fifty revolutions in the yard. Then, the concrete is slowly agitated during the transit period. 

Concrete Mixed at Work Area 

While being transported to your destination, the mixer drum is revolved at an agitating or slow speed of about 2 rpm however, after reaching the working area prior to discharging or unloading the concrete material, it is revolved at its maximum speed of about 12-15 rpm for 70-100 revolutions for making sure homogeneous mixing. 

2. Central Mixed Concrete 

central mixed concrete is also known as the central batching plant wherein the concrete material is thoroughly or carefully mixed prior to loading into the mixer truck. having said that, the plant is sometimes known as pre-mix plants or wet-batch. While delivering the concrete, the mixing truck only acts as agitator. Sometimes, when the lead is less or the necessary workability is low, dump trucks or non-agitating units can be used as well. 

3. Shrink Concrete Mixture 

Basically, the concrete is mixed in the truck mixer. Then, balance type of mixing is performed in the truck with drum mixer at its back during transit period. Not only that, the amount of concrete mixture in a transit mixer will depend upon the magnitude of mixing performed in the central batching plant. Certain test should also be conducted in order to establish the necessities of mixing a drum mixer. 

A good quality concrete is achieved since the ready mix concrete (RMC) make use of sophisticated tools and consistent methods.