Expert Travel Tips For You No Matter Where You Are Going

If you are thinking about travelling this holiday season, this post is definitely for you. Culled from advice of over a hundred seasoned travelers, these travel tips will always come in handy for you no matter where you are travelling to.

Take your vitamins

Some countries have endemic diseases you may not be used to where you come from, and you should always take the proper vaccinations before visiting them. Get the necessary shots and if necessary, carry along some medication.

Register with your embassy

Especially if you are visiting Africa or Asia, make sure you register with your embassy as soon as you get in. This will enable your government to be able to contact you if trouble breaks out in the country or whatever region you are visiting.

Carry copies of your passport

You most definitely do not want to get stuck in a foreign country because you lost your passport or it got stolen. Make sure to carry along copies of your passport so you can prove your identity and still get back home.

Use the ATM not the bureau de change

Conversion centres at the airport are always rip-offs, irrespective of the country you are visiting. If you need to change currency, head out the airport to the ATM or a bank and withdraw. The exchange rate will be exact and you would not lose as much.

Notify your bank before travelling

On many occasions, a bank has turned off an ATM card for a customer as a security measure because transactions were occurring far away from where the customer is supposed to be. Ensure you notify your bank account manager before travelling.

Carry along an adapter

European sockets and American sockets often differ and you don’t want to be stuck without pictures simply because you were not able to charge your smartphone or camera.

Pack an extra pair of jeans in your carry-on

Airlines can be crazy and your bags could get lost in transit. Be sure to pack along an extra pair of jeans in your carry-on bag so you don’t get stuck with no extra clothes.

Carry snacks

Foreign cuisine is awesome and it’s good to improve your palate constantly, for sure. However, you do not want to get stuck with a case of the stomach troubles because you are improving your tastes. Carry along some snacks you can never go wrong with, they will serve to tide you over till you can find a restaurant that is not trying to kill you.

Roll rather than fold

Folding your clothes take up space in your bag. If you are trying to cram more stuff in less luggage, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them.

Buy tickets in advance

Tickets are usually more expensive the closer to the day of departure. Buying your tickets early will earn you early bird discounts.

Find out about events at the place you are visiting

Get a guidebook or go online and research events at the place you are visiting. This will serve to make your visit a lot more enjoyable, plus you can also book tickets to the events (especially if they are shows or openings) and get early bird discounts.