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Social Studies

Non-U.S. Government | U.S. Government
Non-U.S. GovernmentTop
Canadian Government Information
Detailed information on all aspects of Canadian government, including information on all of the provines.
Source: Library and Archives Canada

Global teaching and learning sites including stats on countries, UN history and UN member information.
Source: United Nations

U.S. GovernmentTop
Air Force Link Jr.
History of the Air Force and flight showing how an important satellite works, describes how planes fly, and features a game room.
Source: Air Force

America Dreams
Investigates what the American Dream has meant over the years to poets, politicians, comedians, musicians, lawyers and others.
Source: Library of Congress

Central Intelligence Agency for Kids
The Secret Zone offers lessons about history, geography, World Factbook, CIA canine corps, aerial photography and more.
Source: Central Intelligence Agency

Charters of Freedom
Site includes The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, making the Charters plus the impact of the Charters.
Source: National Archives

Constitution of the United States, The
Study the U.S. Constitution online. Includes the ability to search the Constitution by keyword.
Source: Emory University School of Law

Electronic Frontier Freedom Foundation
Organization protecting privacy, free expression, and online access to public information plus promotes new media responsibility.
Source: Electronic Frontier Freedom Foundation

FBI Youth
Spend a day in the life of the FBI, follow a case through the FBI lab, learn about investigations, and read about the history of the FBI.
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Inside the Courtroom
Learn how prosecutors are appointed and how they carry out their duties. Features a case history, a glossary of legal terms, etc.
Source: Department of Justice

Justice for Kids and Youth
A Department of Justice site for kids and teens linking to various sites about law enforcement, drug laws, internet ethics, and FBI's most wanted.
Source: Department of Justice
Find links to government and other kids' sites -- just use the navigation bar above to browse through our site. Explore, learn, and have fun!
Source: Federal Citizen Information Center

Political Resources on the Net
Links to political parties, activist organizations, and government agencies with more than eighty countries represented.
Source: Radio Radicale

Presidents: The Secret History
Exposes quirky facts about our first 42 presidents. What qualities make a good president?
Source: WGBH, w/ Institute of Museum and Library Services

Social Security for the Young
Information on the Social Security program. Site also has information for parents and a link to the
Source: Social Security Administration

State and Local Governments
Information about each state’s government, plus maps of states and information about local governments.
Source: The Library of Congress

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
Learn how the U.S. legislature functions, with details on pending bills before Congress and links to the Congressional Record.
Source: The Library of Congress

U.S. National Archives & Records Adminstration
Site enables people to inspect for themselves the record of what government has done and to review their actions.
Source: U.S. National Archives & Records Adminstration

White House for Kids
Learn about what is going on in the White House - home of the President of the United States.
Source: White House

White House for Kids
Tour the White House, biographical information about the President and VP, and games. It features life in the White House.
Source: The White House
Learn White House traditions plus enjoy the news, photos, and information related to the current residents of the White House
Source: The White House