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Around HomeTop
BAM! (Body and Mind!)
Answer questions on health and science topics and recommend ways to make bodies and minds healthier and stronger.
Source: Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Fire Administration Kids Page
Tips to remain safe from fire. Site discusses using and maintaining smoke alarms and planning a fire escape and more.
Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Healthfinder kids
Find information on protecting bodies and minds. 75 games and activities, information on safe web navigation, and link.
Source: Department of Health and Human Services

Personal Health Risk Education Pages
Understand the importance of personal health risk factors and the science behind risk factors.
Source: National Institutes of Health

Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS)
Materials that help to prevent tobacco use among youth, promote smoking cessation, and protect nonsmokers.
Source: National Center For Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Helping Children Prepare for Disasters
Put together a disaster supply kit, set up a family disaster plan, read about what they might feel in a disaster, and stories.
Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Kids Next Door
Learn how to help the homeless. Site presents stories on how to help your community. Also take a virtual field trip.
Source: Department of Housing and Urban Devlopt.

Devoted to Boy Scouts advancement featuring information and resource links to help you advance. Valuable for all kids.

Recycle City!
Describes how
Source: Environmental Protection Agency

The FAPE Site
Information on a wide range of issues involving disabilities and disability law.

YouthRules! looks at issues surrounding teen safety on the job, child labor, minimum wage, sweat shops, and more.
Source: Department of Labor

Are You a Working Teen?
Informs working teens on their job rights and safety responsibilities, hazards to watch for, and the laws that protect teens.
Source: Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

Intellectual PropertyTop
Copyright on the Web
Answers 11 questions about using web images, sounds, and text in papers, presentations, and web projects.
Source: Library of Congress

US Patent and Trademark Kids Pages
Learn about inventors and patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Learn how to apply for a patent.
Source: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Escape From Knab
A simulation which takes you through a series of financial decisions to help prepare you for real-life finances.
Source: U.S. Bancorp

H.I.P. Pocket Change
Explore the history of coins. Learn to start your own coin collection, travel through history using coins as their guide, more.
Source: U.S. Mint, Treasury

A fun place to learn about money and banking
Source: Sovereign Bank

Savings Bonds for Kids!
U.S. savings bonds lessons, including a poster contest in every state, word puzzles, and a glossary of savings bond terms.
Source: Department of the Treasury

Think College Early
Think College Early offers information on educational opportunities beyond high school for learners of all ages.
Source: Department of Education

Ready Kids
Are you ready to put your planning skills to good use? Are you ready to help your family get prepared for the unexpected? Your family can use this Web site to create a plan that will help you be ready for many different kinds of unexpected situations
Source: Dept. of Homeland Security