The 80% AR15

M1-Machining is a company based in Houston, Texas, that provides parts for customers to make their own ‘self-build’ firearms. It is a great place for weapons enthusiasts to gain inspiration and the team at the company is very happy to talk through options with you. They are strong believers of the 2nd amendment and are determined to educate people about the need to uphold it. Yes, they hold responsibility at the crux of their business and want customers to enjoy their custom rifle, not to see it as a burden. They manufacture various 80% AR15 Lower Receivers and can offer advice so that anybody who wants to can confidently build their own AR15 2.23/5.56 rifle.

The receivers vary in price. The M1-80% AR-15 Lower Receiver is $79.99. It is made with a precision 3-D machine to a military spec tolerance. It is made from 7075-T6 aluminium. Yes, it is pretty much all finished. You just need to add the fire control pocket which is easy to do by just drilling a few holes. When complete you will have a first rate weapon weighing about 10 ounces, it is not actually even counted as a firearm when using the definition of the GCA of 1968. Indeed, 80% Lowers are not considered as firearms by the ATF and so they can be easily shipped all over the country. When the rifle is finished, on the other hand, you will have to get the necessary licenses. It is absolutely your responsibility to comply with the law in your state. We cannot stress this enough.

The M1-80% AR-15 Lower Receiver is also available in a heavier model (11 ounces) using T6 Heat-Treated Aerospace 7075 Billet Aluminum. It is more expensive, at $169.99, but you get more for your money. It comes with bolts and washers so it is easy to assemble at a later stage. All the instruction for taking it forward is also included.

The 80% AR-15 have received great reviews from previous customers. One customer had a load of parts available from previous builds but he needed a lower receiver. He raved about the quality of the materials and the milling of it was fairly straightforward. Further, he made sure to say that communication with M1-Machining was absolutely brilliant all the way through. At the price as well, there is very little not to love about this part. The fact that it is tough and durable seems to be important for customers. They all noted the durability and the fact that it has very good tolerance and thick webbing. The design is also noted. They seem to like the finish that the manufacturer provides.

So, certainly, if you are looking for a new project that feeds your hobby and allows you to fulfil your right to the second amendment, you should totally check out the 80% AR-15 part. If you have further questions you should get in touch with the guys at M1-Machining and they will be able to sort you out.