Trees which grow in the surroundings may be classified into 2 types: urban forest and natural forest. As a matter of fact, they vary in terms of maintenance, care and growth. For the trees that grow in natural forests can live on their own without needing a maintenance. In addition to that, there’s no further attention and care needed from people to flourish and develop. The leaves will just fall from the trees, decompose and make soil healthy in organic matters. Afterwards, they will retain water and give nutrients after the rainy days. As a team, they’ll share the challenges or problems brought by strong storms and winds. 

This situation, on the other hand, is totally different from some other trees which grow in urban forests. People will plant the trees to areas where they love to or not basically to the places they need the tree to be anchored. This urban society is also considered a threat to these trees. Compacted soils and artificial surfaces that aren’t absorbing water, damages to tree limbs and roots. Aside from that, extreme heat of the summer can also be very attractive to insect damages and diseases on the trees. Hence, urban forests need extensive planning, management and care. The following are some of the difficulties or challenges which are usually experienced in caring for your trees

1. Death of Tree Limbs 

In most instances, there are changes on your properties, construction damages and root disruptions that are considered as the largest culprits. Having said that, as part of the challenges in tree care and growth, plant diseases are causing tip dieback as well. 

2. Growth Changes 

  • Nutritional disorders due to poor choice of tree type for a specific area; 
  • Too much or too little absorption of water; too much water can slow growth, reduce suppl of oxygen, leach nutrients while not enough water absorbed leads to burning and wilting or leaf tip due to high concentration of salt present in your soil as well as significantly reduces growth. 
  • Diseases and pests. Some regions don’t experience several plant diseases. but they usually have a lot of pathogens present soil which affects the overall health and wellbeing of the tree. There can be pests wreaking havoc on certain plants.  

These following threats to tree care should be paid attention by the authorities in order to help property owners find the appropriate solutions to help prevent tree damages as well as death in the near future. 

3. Health of the Trees and Decline in the Vigor 

This issue can be brought by a lot of problems and one of these problems is the lack of irrigation. When the tree is basically planted, there are two dip emitters which are installed within the twelve inches of the trunk. However, these are usually forgotten. As these trees grow, they obviously need more quantity of water for it to live longer. Moving and adding drip emitters delivers water evenly to the trees. Contact tree surgeon Glasgow for more information on how to care for your trees.